MEV Squad Vaulter at the 2011 Australian National Champioships (Horse Class')

 Pony Playgroup - Tiny Tot's Vaulting Pony

MEV Squad Vaulters at the 2011 Australian National Championships (Barrel Class')

"The  Barn"


             "The Home" of Melbourne Equestrian Vaulting

SUGARGUM FARM is a beautiful family owned and operated farm only 25 mins NW of Melbournes CBD and only 5 mins past the Tullamarine Airport. 

Our much loved Childrens Parties have always been a popular choice for families to host their childs very own Birthday Party at a real horse and pony farm over the years.  

From Melbourne Equestrian Vaulting Sessions for Tiny tots and Beginners to our Competitive Team in this exciting and fast becoming popular horse sport in Australia to hosting your childs birthday party at our Barn, there is something for everyone!

Our specialty is in coaching and training in the very special "Team" and fun Horse Sport of Equestrian Vaulting.

This awesome horse sport of Vaulting is an Equestrian Australia and International Discipline which is best described as a combination of Gymnastics, Dance and the Art of Performance on the moving Horse which is in the control of a person called The Lunger by a long lead with a special vaulting whip and conducted on a 15-17m circle at walk, trot and canter.

Vaulting is definately the most fun you can have on and around horses for absolute Beginners with no horse riding or gymnastic experience to the  Advanced vaulters.

So much fun for all ages from Pre-schoolers with their carers such as our Pony Playgroup to school aged children, teenages and adults. Vaulting is for 'Everybody' and also is an integrated horse sport.

As our lives seem to get more cosmopolitan and the farms further away from the city, so few us these days get the chance to experience the enjoyment of that wonderful animal that is the HORSE!"

"Whether it’s riding Ponies and Horses or just being around them, it is a fun activity, great exercise and teaches respect, discipline and responsibility... Building a relationship with a horse is an experience that is truelly amazing and incredibly empowering!

                                    Go Vaulting!
Stephanie Vincent-Fox, EA NCAS IVC, AL

Hope you will check out and enjoy the fabulous Video below of MEV's Performance Team of vaulters, showcasing our awesome sport with 2 very special Guest Stars from Australia's Elite Dressage  Community. 

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Why not book Melbourne Equestrian Vaulting & Our amazing Vaulters and & Vaulting Horse to your next Event for a awesome performance &/or clinic! Please note attendance &/or clinic fees apply.

Melbourne Equestrian Vaulting (MEV) is an Affilliated Member of Equestrian Victoria.  Head Coach Stephanie Vincent-Fox is an accredited EA NCAS Vaulting Coach.